Every set of eyes has a story to tell and here is part of mine... 


2019 marked 10 years since being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I knew this anniversary was the perfect time to bring Taylored Lashes to the market. I sat down and designed natural lashes using Sable (brown) hair with the many different eye shapes in mind. Whether you don’t have lashes or are starting to grow them back- these are lashes to help enhance your journey to living as a strong SURVIVOR! And I've also learned through customer feedback, they also work great for my maturing women. As we mature in age and start to lose our lashes, our sable (brown) lashes give a very natural look.

I sat back down and started to sketch Mink (black) Lashes styles for the ladies who want to add a little glamour to your look. They range from natural to dramatic. Whether it be a PTA meeting, a 9-5 work day, date night, beauty pageant, or special event, I designed a lash for you with a story behind the name of each one.


Early 2020, we decided we needed a lash adhesive to add to the mix. That is when Stuck on You was born!
A revolutionary 2-in-1 lash adhesive and pen eyeliner. You can read more about all its fabulousness here.
Stuck on you has no glue and zero magnets in its formula and it is also patent pending! 🥳


All of Taylored Lashes are handmade and cruelty-free false eyelashes that you can wear them up to 30 times with proper care. 



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